still red wine
Grape varieties
100% Dolcetto
to obtain this wine the grape bunches are thinned just after they begin to develop. The grapes then undergo a late manual harvest so as to choose the best bunches. After the de-stemming and pressing, the must obtained together with its skins undergo an alcoholic fermentation which lasts for about one week, during which several pumping overs are carried out. At the end of the alcoholic fermentation the wine is drawn off and after several rackings it is left to mature in stainless steel tanks where the malo-latic fermentationtakes place after which the wine is bottled and left to rest in our cool cellars for at least 2 years before selling. This wine is only produced during the better vintages and in very limited quantities. A wine well suited for ageing.
Organoleptic character
deep ruby red. Intense bouquet, hints of red currants, marasca cherries and almond reminiscences. To the mouth it is sapid, full and smooth.
14,5% vol
Food pairing
well accompanied with mature cheeses also on its own at the end of a meal..
Serving temperature
20/22°C. Uncork at least an hour before serving.