Family Padroggi has a strong tradition in the world of winemaking in Oltrepo Pavese. Just the love for the vine and wine, transmitted from generation to generation, made possible that Enzo Padroggi, the company’s founder, in 1985 would create the trademark Cà del Gè to identify a line of highly qualified products. The company is entirely family-run.
His children Stephania, Sara and Carlo are continuing today Enzo and his wife Lucia’s dream.
Much has been done to set up a more noticeable qualitative change, both for what concerns the management of the vineyards that winemaking techniques, combining the past with the latest knowledge in the field of wine – enology. More and more attention has been given to the environment and the health of the consumer. For this reason the company for several years has joined the measure PSR 214 to have a lower environmental impact.
The fertilizer and pesticide use are reduced to a minimum, the planting distances provide a greater number of plants per hectare. All this is aimed at lowering the yield per plant thus creating the best conditions to obtain grapes of the highest quality.
The harvest is entirely by hand: this allows to maintain greater integrity of the grapes and to make a first selection. Then a soft pressing and temperature control of fermentation, which is essential to preserve the heritage especially aromatic white wines. For this reason, the winery is equipped with modern stainless steel tanks to ensure better hygienic conditions.
The red wine vinification is made traditionally, except for some special wines that use French oak barrels.

“Our wines are not only the expression of a rich and varied territory but, as our father used to say, the wines tell about who has produced them”.
Exaltation of fruit, maximum respect for raw material and passion for that noble art of producing wine, make each bottle talk about the dedication employed in work and love for Oltrepò country. In addition to the Riesling and the Pinot, which in the Montalto Pavese area have always been chosen by choice, there are the classic reds among which some reserve of vineyards stand out.

ViNO Project – Vineyards and nature in Oltrepò
The Oltrepò Pavese (south-west Lombardy) is a very important area in terms of biodiversity. Being a sort of hinge between the Alpine and Mediterranean area, it is home to a number of species and it also serves as a crucial corridor allowing the ecological connection between the Apennines and the Alps. At the same time, the Oltrepò is home to prestigious wineries, which are an asset for the whole country and an internationally recognised excellence.

Why do we adhere?
Our project aims at making the coexistence between both aspects possible, through the development of a feasibility study to analyze in detail the role of agriculture and the possibilities for improvement of crops with respect to the maintenance of species, habitats and ecological connectivity.
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Il progetto ViNO è promosso da Fondazione Lombardia per l’Ambiente, Cooperativa Sociale Eliante e Fondazione Sviluppo Oltrepò Pavese, con il contributo di Fondazione Cariplo.