Bonarda La Fidela DOC 2021


still red wine

Grape varieties

100% Croatina


the grapes come from their ‘La Fidela’ vine, which is situated in a particularly suitable area for the production of Bonarda. The optimal position, the terroir and the dedicated care, a deliberately low yield, resulting in an exceptional quality. The grapes are harvested by hand when they are slightly overripe after which, they are carefully selected. Once they arrive in the winery, the de-stemming and pressing takes place. The must, with its skins undergoes an alcoholic fermentation which usually takes about one week, during which, several pumping overs are carried out. At the end of the alcoholic fermentation the wine is drawn off. The wine after several rackings is left to mature in stainless steel tanks until the malo-latic fermentation is completed, it is then bottled. This wine is only produced during the better vintages and the quantity is limited. It is well suited for ageing.

Organoleptic character

full ruby red with purplish hues. Intense, penetrating reminiscences of red fruit, jams and violets. To the mouth it is engaging, full bodied, with a good persistence and a pleasant sugar residue.


16% vol

Food pairing

Well matched with typical red meats such as braised or roasted and mature cheeses.

Serving temperature

20/22°C. Uncork at least an hour before serving.


contains sulfites
Fact sheet

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